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Samsung Gear VR with Controller (на изплащане), (безплатна доставка)

НА СКЛAД Samsung Gear VR with Controller (на изплащане), (безплатна доставка)
Производител: Samsung
Код на продукт: Samsung Gear VR with Controller
Наличност: НА СКЛAД
199.00 лв.

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Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR with Controller - Orchid Gray

Powered by Oculus - New 2017 Edition

Wear it with ease and comfort

It doesn't matter whether your Galaxy smartphone uses Micro USB or USB Type-C connection. Simply attach the port you need to your Gear VR, and you're all set to head into the world of virtual reality.

Compatibility : Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge

Strap in for the ride

While you're journeying through uncharted lands, the strap keeps the Gear VR securely on and the foam cushioning helps prevent too much light from seeping in.

A fitting design

The Gear VR is engineered with your comfort in mind and is designed to feel comfortable when you’re wearing it, so you can enjoy your favourite content or game time and time again.

Control comes naturally

Use the Gear VR controller as a remote control to navigate through your virtual reality with ease or use it as a gamepad complete with trigger to win battles. The controller is designed to be used naturally with one hand.

How to control

1. Touchpad: Press and swipe to select and navigate
2. Back Key + Home Key: Press to go back or to go to Home
3. Volume Key: Press to raise or lower volume
4. Trigger: Press to initiate an action

Explore new dimensions

Explore new lands and see magical landscapes with the wide 101° field of view through the large lens. The stable and precise head tracking via the built-in gyro sensor and accelerometer makes for smooth expeditions.

Party in virtual rooms

Whether you and your friends are worlds apart or practically next door neighbors, Oculus Rooms and Parties are a convenient and fun way to spend time together. Put on your Gear VRs and set up an Oculus Room to just hang out, virtually.

800 apps and counting

With the Gear VR, you'll find it hard to run out of things to do. The range^ of games, apps, and experimental experiences on the Gear VR means exploring what's available is just part of the journey.

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